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an updated atlas of the world.





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Jury’s film.

Pass// somnia
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The plan from now to the Jury..

- I’ve been working on producing 3 huge a0 size prints over the past few days. Thinking of printing it in A1. as A0 is a lil too massive. 
- I will be producing 7 A1 for the Jury. ( 3 Images, The Universe Map, figure8, SomniaXYZG Map, Monster anatomical Drawings. )
-  Been working over the weekend on Script. The script for 27 years of Lazarian Delights is FINALIZED . No more changes !
- The Narrator-Log Voice is recorded.
- From now on wards up to Friday, i need to stitch together the Log Voice and re-edit all the animation footage to fit into script timeline.. 
- I need to PRACTICE how to present before the film comes in.  there’s a part in the script introduction i need to work on.. 



The Part where I read. Script2
Script3The Narrator Log Voice.
Script4 Script5 Script6 Script7 Script8




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A puzzle game.

Decided not to put myself in the animation….  Here’s a test of it. =/

more scene….

An idea of the subtitle look..



Here’s a screengrab of all the footages shot on my expedition. I need to place those fragments into a routed journey taken on the 27 years. Looking back at my journal now to relive some of my memories.  =) 
003938363741 3534 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 0201


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Been working on a library for the world. animation to come…

00 0102

Here’s a scene of me underwater trying to catch ”Tricephaly Platycephalus Fuscus” from page 224 in the TS book. =)



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drone footage.

…. Working on 2 new scene since the jury. A drone takeoff, and the levitation zone in Planet M01-M02. The plan over this weekend is to look into all the Drone and Handheld footage, rearrange all the fragments into a timeline and narrative.   come up with a script in ”words” of the commentary of the journey for the final film. =)

13 14 11 12


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TS // deconstructing somniaxyzg


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New POV ..

08 09 10 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

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What’s the plan?

A big part of the jury’s feedback was to improve on the structure of presentation, the ”WORDS”, and the camera used in the animation sequence.


For the duration of term3 ( around 7 weeks ? ) , I’ll be focusing on :
- producing a new sets of POV camera animation to add in with the previous drone footages.
- ”Words” to describe the project . In paragraph or two.  
- Scripting out in writing for presentation structure.
- Hopefully that physical model that in promised since term 1. =P
- …….. 


A test on the new POV camera.

For the format of the POV camera animation, I’ll  stick to an aesthetic of an old super 8 film camera with the nice grain, film scratches and burn. Here’s two example of the Anton Tammi’s work with that beautiful grain, scratches and burn ! 


Nothing related but check this out!! a really well done 360 video on fragments of Tokyo city floating in the dark skies. 

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New Animations


Been working on a few new landscapes for the updated animation.
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Llama Riding anyone? =P

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TS….. wip=)

0a 0a2 0a3 0a4 0a5 0a7

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Here’s some scene to the physical model i’m working on.

a03 a02a01

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Some wood from the Malaysian Jungle. I’ll be using the driftwood as a base to add the foliages and grassy landscape on. 




- Copy (2)l7

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a carry on for my TS, I’ll be making a few sets of animation for the 1:100 model that i will be building. as well as some renders towards the landscape. Much like Nadav Kander Dust series to give an inside towards the environmental condition, weather, atmosphere etc… 
Some Richard Mosse Landscapey Reference. Shot with a Kodak Aerochrome Film.

Some color reference to baseline the color scheme for the landscape / terrarium / aquascapey model.

395-feb-5-octopus-kisses 394-march-2-underwater-pen-marks 515-april-29-a-sun-in-blue-space 476-march-25-my-little-pony-swirl 540-may-19-paltrow-in-contagion june-9-the-purple-people-eater 554-june-6-jellyfish-with-candy 3-june-17-leaving-the-nest june-11-you-are-getting-very-very-very-sleepy 568-july-7-my-friend-nico 576-july-14-strawberries-and-cream 588-july25-snowballs-resting-on-a-vibrant-plateau 687-july-18-vortex-pimples 673-august-29-blurred-lines 389-feb-7-paris-hilton 572-september-5-sprinkled-on-marble

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3 suns

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

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Habitable Planets !

Holy Shit ! I manage to make the planet habitable ! To change the circumstellar habitable zone all you need to do is adjust the luminosity of the star. Basically I mimic the luminosity of a red dwarf star ( Wolf 359 ) that exist in our universe as a baseline. balance out the ratio and walllaaaaaaaaa!! Trinary Figure 8 system with 3 habitable planet. hypothetically……. 
The Parameters for the 3 planets 


0 02
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Figure 8 Formula’s

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the three Suns.

Here’s an illustration of the three suns in the figure 8 solar system.  I’ll tried running the maths on it , there’s quite a lot of error on it. 
Here’s the breakdown. 
There are 3 Suns ( Sun01, Sun02, Sun03 ) that move in a figure 8 solar system. and 3 planets ( M01, M02, M03 ) that orbits around the 3 Suns.
Did some animation on the figure 8 systems.. I manage to make the system work, hypothetically….. It’ll look something like the video below.

The gradient color shows the circumstellar habitable zones from the three suns. red = too hot, green = habitable, where earth lies. blue = a lil too cold.  Tried placing the planet to orbit in the green zones but shit just break loose. The gravity of the other suns will rip the planet apart when it gets close to it.  For now, i’m placing the 3 planets on the edge of the red zones. 

 I ran some calculation on the figure 8 simulation, Here’s some numebrs. =D
Mass                            5.32 moon  3.91E+23 kg
Radius                          9305 km
Density             0.116 g/cm3
Age                              5.03 G Years
Temperature                183 – 190c
Velocity                       40 – 140 km/s
Rotational Period         48.5days
Surface Gravity             0.116 m/s2
Escape Velocity 2.37 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.28 – 1.36 days
Rotational Period         48.5 days
Rotation Speed             14 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              4.38E+22 kg    11.2%              0.596moon
Silicate                         3.06E+22 kg    7.81%              0.416moon
Water                           4.05E+22 kg    10.4%              0.551moon
Hydrogen                     2.76E+23 kg    70.6%              3.76moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.191 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    30
// Earth Similarity        0.242
Mass                            4.38 moon  3.22E+23 kg
Radius                          4761 km
Density             0.712 g/cm3
Age                              4.15 G Years
Temperature                194 – 198c
Velocity                       43 – 123 km/s
Rotational Period         58.5days
Surface Gravity             0.948 m/s2
Escape Velocity 3 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.1 – 1.24 days
Rotational Period         58.6 days
Rotation Speed             5.9 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              1.06E+23 kg    33.1%              1.45moon
Silicate                         7.95E+22 kg    24.7%              1.08moon
Water                           1.06E+23 kg    33.1%              1.45moon
Hydrogen                     2.96E+22 kg    9.2%                0.403moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.184 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    80
// Earth Similarity        0.389
Mass                            4.49 moon  3.3E+23 kg
Radius                          5715 km
Density             0.422 g/cm3
Age                              4.50 G Years
Temperature                176 – 188c
Velocity                       34 – 105 km/s
Rotational Period         58.6days
Surface Gravity             0.422 m/s2
Escape Velocity 0.422 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.26 – 1.32 days
Rotational Period         58.6 days
Rotation Speed             7.09 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              7.92E+22 kg    24%                 1.08moon
Silicate                         1.12E+23 kg    33.8%              1.52moon
Water                           8.16E+22 kg    24.7%              1.11moon
Hydrogen                     5.76E+22 kg    17.4%              0.783moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.191 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    0
// Earth Similarity        0.351
Well , according to the numbers, Life expectancy on the 3 planet is 0 % . It’s too hot for it ! unless the monsters can live in a hot climate of  177 – 200 + c .  =P



Here’s an interesting one!

The Sun Rise and Set from Planet M03. Cause of the figure 8 thingy. the 2 suns far away will lit the planet in a distance for a period of time while the sun that M03 is orbiting comes up every 2.5days. theres a split moment where the 3 suns set and it goes to complete darkness!
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Trinary Star System

0Been looking into the universe system. trying to create a realistic Trinary solar system that has 3 suns. I’m currently using Universe Sandbox to generate the simulation for it. 
Here’s two examples of a realistic trinary star system.
Decided to go for a figure-8 triple sun system.
Universe Sandbox ² - 20170207-024757 Video

EGDewAlso a reference from Natasha on the evolution of world and beasts. from the book Evolution: A Visual Record from Robert Clark.

111-alevin-lead 057 Cassowary clark-evo-og


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Mapping the universe.

A Universe map showing where the world is located. Did an animation on zooming into the world with the Power of 10. 

0 02 03 04 05

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Sorbism-nia ?

I’ve decided to go for the name Sorbism-nia.  Somnia from dream, and Orbis from world. Here’s a lil update on the map of  Sorbism-nia. 


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A name for the world ?

I’ve been thinking of spicing things up a lil. I need a name for my world. Still cant find any interesting name for it… Any suggestions anyone?  would be nice to have subtitles in the codex with the world name. Like ”mapping ( name of the world )” instead of literally ”mapping the world”. =) 
Here’s an update on the spread ” Mapping the (World) ”   I unrolled the 3d geometry of the 3 planets. m1 , m2 , m3 into a flat surface.  And made it more codex-y compared to the last iteration.  

Mapping the World

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I’ve decided to change my name to Albert Chong Yan Newton. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently. 

TS01dsTS013 TS01


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Anatomical Monster Composition.

Here’s some spreads for the TS book. 

TS01 TS01206

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A lil update on the Codex.

Been working on the format of the codex. I’ve decided to keep the size in A3. Spend the weekend coloring and sketching . Here’s some of the spreadsheet from the codex.

0 028 027 026 024 023 022 018 017 016 015 014 013 012 011 010 09 08 06 05 04 03 02

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the end of Frankenstein.

Got ate up by Mr. HTS & APP. progress been slow but I have an amazing idea on how to progress on the TS. Will share more tomorrow. Weird period of my life, I’ve been so into creating monsters. My monster time will come to an end at the coming Jury. From there on, I’ll work the Landscape. At the time being, just enjoy some color explosion from Frankenstein latest creation. 

img_5402-1.jpg img_5404-1.jpg img_5406-1.jpgimg_5403-1.jpgimg_5405-1.jpg

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Nephropidae Coleoptera

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A new baby is born.

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Framework for TS.

A little update on my slow progress. =( . I created a typeface, dream language to be used for the CODEX. 
img_5309img_5313img_5310img_5311 img_5312


been working on base-lining the TS to come up with a table of content for it.
Question to be answer.
- Lighting // a world with 3 Sun. What will happen ?
- The Orientation and Gravitational shift of the world. ( an interwoven land of 3 axis, colliding with each other. )
- Case Study // The Materials of a single fragment. ( an invention of a new material that would adapt to the lighting and gravity of the world. )
Got carry away from creating a 3rd Monster to the series. have a surprise physical monster to come tomorrow.
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Manabu Ikeda just unveiled his latest work Rebirth. 3.5 years in the making. 
An article on it.


img_5287.jpg img_5285.jpg


img_5283.jpg img_5284.jpg

img_5288.jpg img_5290.jpg

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9780789332158_frontcover// Magical Realism // Dream // Reality
From the last tutorial, we spoke about the making of a manual for the allegory. ( a way to make the project from being personal, ) . The manual will illustrate the realm of the Dream in a form of  a CODEX, like the codex from Luigi Serafini. It ‘ll be written in my own Dream language; every allegorical fragments of the world will be illustrated in highly intricate details. As well as incorporating the TS in the book. 


an update on my crafty voodoo Monster weekend. 








fullsizerender fullsizerender-1


// Extras.    Went over to the launch of the new design museum over the weekend. Should definately check it out !

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c9 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 preset

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Here’s an update on the resin casting of the sexy fish. <  may they rest in peace. 
01 02 03 07 05 0806 0904 11 10
The Mythical Monster. a sketch of it.
Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 preset
Been thinking of ways on progressing the project up till the coming jury. The Chimera Beast that i’m currently working on will act as a link to understand the threshold between the realm of dreamscape, reality and magical realism. with eight claws, four wings, fangs, and a long stretched body. suspended in a glass box of formaldehyde ( Hirst Influenced ) =).
Carrying on from the monster, I will grow more allegorical fragments into the dreamscapes. developing on the conversation of a manual for the allegory..  animation to come… 
Picked up the book interpretation of dreams by Freud. Will have a read over the weekend and have a think of the TS.
// Magical Realism, the Threshold of Dreams. 
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Carrying on from the last tutorials, i’m in the process of creating a mystical monsters that will inhabit in the dreamscapes. Some sort of a chimera. 
Had quite a slow weekend. ( have good reasons for it. will fill yall in if asked.  ). But I manage to visit some taxidermy shops and auctioning for chicken, magpie, parrots, ermine stoat… etc on ebay. keep getting myself outbid by the ebay players out there. the dead aren’t cheap. O.O
In the process of making a resin cast now. will show more tomorrow. 
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Film for Jury.

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= )

an audio recording of the jury. 
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Preparation for Jury.

The world consist of all this allegorical fragments that gets introduced  into the landscape. Those allegorical fragments embody our nostalgia, experiences, fear, fetishes, emotion of the wearer ( some device like a dream-machine ). The dreamscape is constantly shifting, reconstructing the state of identity of it. First an empty and barren land, every second a new fragments are being born; distorting the perspective and transcends our understanding of gravity. I guess the device let its wearer perceive the world in a dream state of mind. 
for the upcoming Jury , the idea is to have a short simple performance to try to link it back to world through an animation ( 5.30mins long ) . ” Basically” after giving a short introduction, I’ll play the animation and faint in the jury. It’ll start of with a blank black screen and slowly through my action of waking up , washing my face, opening the window, ringing a bell, and cycling out of the room. the world start to expand from my action through collecting and quantifying the unconscious mind with the aid of the apparatus. From a simple land into an intricate mess! we can make the world anything we want it to be ,the dreamscape becomes a reflection of our-self. 
The argument part, what , how , why ? ………    


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More fragments in the world,  Been working on the relationship of the fragments of the fictional dreamscapes toward the performance in reality. 



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The growth of a Forest.

The growth of a Forest.
Been working on the development of the model.






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Zooming into an intricate mess.

The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymous Bosch.
Been looking into Bosch’s painting. The Garden of Earthly Delights ( 1503 )  is one of his most well known painting. The triptych, which presents four directly related views, The Creation of the World up to the Third Day, Paradise and the creation of Eve, Humankind before the flood and Hell. It’s a super detailed painting with complexity of meaning and vivid imagery. Lots of hidden stuff in it. Pretty similar to Manabu Ikeda’s Ink, you could zoom into it and every section of the painting depict a certain narrative and emotion. You could stare at it for days.
” Bosch is one of the very few painters who – he was indeed more than a painter! – who acquired a magic vision. He saw through the phenomenal world, rendered it transparent, and thus revealed its pristine aspect. ”   Henry Miller, 1957
the_garden_of_earthly_delights_by_bosch_high_resolutionClick Image to Enlarge !
Here’s some closeup detail to the Triptych. 



Hidden sheet music in located on left corner.
There’s even a hidden actual musical sheet in the painting of Hell. Music and Instruments are major motifs of Bosch, which has been interpreted as symbols of pleasure, lust or  the notoriously naughty habits of travelling minstrels.   “[a] 600-years-old butt song from Hell.” was discovered by Amelia.  butt-song  < click to download music from Hell.


Surrealism // “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality” , unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision, created strange creatures from everyday objects and developed painting techniques that allowed the  unconscious to express itself.


Work In Progress // I guess somewhat like Bosch painting, I’m modeling the surrealist world with super intricate details in it. and every fragment tells a story to the user mind ( person with the dream/magical realism apparatus/goggles ). The expression of  the fear, happiness, pleasure, anxiety, .. etc.. is captured in the world.

the fragments of adventure, danger….. etc 












The Gravity Shift?

a draft on the fragments of adventure funland. 


Would love to progress on seeing the world grow into a huge intricate mess. Like Manabu’s Ink that grows through time. Not sure where it’ll end up. But it’s worth a try. =)
CY need to take a step back at some point to go deeper into his Narrative, Argument, Vision, Storyboard !! Hopefully will be able to sum-up the project and it’s tittle by the Jury.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Dreams?
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Colour & Vision / The Infinite Mix

Went to 2 exhibition over the weekend. Colour and Vision in the Natural History Museum. and The Infinite Mix at The Store. 180 Strand.  Definitely worth a visit! 
An exhibition about how vision evolve through time. as well as how colour in animals becomes the different between life & death.
” The Dawn of life was a monochrome, simple world. Shapes were minimal. Movement limited. For millions of years primitive bodies existed in a world dark to them. Eyes had not yet evolved and species existed where light and colour had no meaning.
Then quite suddenly from the gloom evolved an eyespot, which in as little as half a million years became an eye capable of seeing detail. With this innovation came a fresh understanding and curiosity of the World.
And then an EXPLOSION of LIFE. ”
Our Spectral Vision , Liz West
img_4637img_4634Some creepy eyeless creatures back in the days. 
img_4640Darwin’s pet octopus. 
img_4642The Wall of eyes! 
The tree of life // Evolution of eyes brought it to 6 main branches. These 6 branches of the tree of life represent nearly all of the animal species ever to have lived on Earth.


Vertebrate eyes// We as human being have a camera-type eyes, receiving light through a single opening. Camera- type eyes have a front and a back chamber separated by a lens that projects an inverted image onto a light sensitive retina. Our brain then decodes this image!  Cone-shaped cells allow us to see colour, while the rod-shaped helps us to see at night.
 We have a tri-chromatic vision, we see colours as a combination of Red, Blue and Green. Thanks to three different types of light-sensitive proteins in our eyes, called opsins. In dragonflies, they can have up to 30, different visual opsins! They see the world in an Ultra-Multicolour mode, So Cool!


img_4671 img_4668img_4673img_4658The exhibition goes on with cute dead animals and their purposes of being colourful.. 



This is quite an interesting one. It’s about exploration on Audiovisual. There’s a whole bunch of really provoking , documentary, music video, 3d projections, virtual reality films, experimental film and even theatrical performances. and it dispense with straightforward storytelling in favour of a non-linear approach by using music composition. Might be useful and good inspiration if anyone is thinking of films cuts, editing, grading, techniques ? Works by Martin Creed, Stan Douglas, Ugo Rondinone, Kahlil Joseph, Jeremy Deller & Cecilia Bengolea, Rachel rose, Cameron Jamie, Elizabeth Price, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, and Cyprien Gaillard.  SUPPPEEEERRRRR AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNGG!!!! The best part is, It’s FREE to enter it. 
Some sneak peak of it !  

img_4741 img_4710


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Encoding Secret Images/Messages into Songs?

A lil off from my project. Got carried away from trying to encode image or text into sound! It’s really FUN!
It’s pretty simple, I took a portrait of Trump as an example. First you need to import that JPEG into Coagula ( a free application ). Coagula would render that image by transforming the contrast / pixel of the image into a sound waves. 
It’ll end up sounding like a mess. From now on you can mix that weird distortion of WAV sound , blending it with other Sounds/ Music using Application like Audacity to create a music that’s encoded with secret in it.
To Decode it. Just import the WAV into Sonic Visualizer ( another free app ) and add a Spectrogram on it. Mess around with the scale, windows, bins for the resolutions.. and WAALLAAAAA. Image decoded! 
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Exotic, Fantastical Landscapes.

Roger Dean
A reference from Emma on Roger Dean’s World ! Poooooof! Mind Blown !  A side note, apparently James Cameron stole his landscapey AVATAR ideas from him and Roger took him to Court… Long story short, Judge says no to Roger’s Avatar Lawsuit. 
arches-morningArches Morning
green-towersGreen Tower
the-myths-and-legends-of-king-arthurThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur
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A lil carry away here, was trying out the Deep Dream thing in Nathan’s post. It’s so cool !! My render became an Eagle! and a multi-headed chicken. Pretty similar to the Pokemon Ho-Oh! technologies ! The death of Van Gogh. =)

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CY land ?

C Y  L A N D ?

The consciousnesses of the dead are uploaded into a virtual reality system, where they can live in CY land [ need a name for the world if y’all have a suggestion . ]  as their desire avatar selves live forever.
Investigate….  // The act of Rebirth, constant cannibalization of self.   // Reiterating, Reincarnating of Self.   // The threshold of Birth.   // Threshold is always shifting, or the body is always in transition   // How do we begin to understand an identity of a Space.    // Some places & neighbourhood are given an identity and those identity stays   // Spatially understand Rebirth, Reincarnation, and the associate identity with that   // Identity Shift   // the Image of herself vs Her actual Image   // The other Body   // Disjoint between how we imagine our-self   // Perception of our-self and how we look //Heaven is a place on Earth // Landscape is forever shifting …..
// In the Virtual World, The viewpoint of the film with be portrayed in a P.O.V format. 

A scene from the death of Oscar in Enter the Void. His viewpoint rises and looks at his body from above, and then we begin to witness his life in a roughly chronological order.
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X – Y – Z
A vague attempt in fabricating a mental image through a visceral understanding on the universe.  ( based on the sketches on the previous post )
// a world view so comprehensive that the field of vision incorporates much MUCH more than anything we mere mortals are capable of. // Non-Gravity // Perspective Distortion // Observer // Orientation X-Y-Z // Up Down // Rotation // Gravitational Attraction // Horizon.

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/ doodles?

Perspective. Distortion. Infinity. Mirrored. Monsters. Death. Life. Birth. Growth. Binary Events. Ripples. Myth. Tower. State of Change. Time. World. Landscapes. Depth. Layers. Series of Input.  Revealed. Realm. Dreams. Isochronic. Destruction. Deformation. Center of Universe. Labyrinth. Lost. Observer. Central Figure.
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/ Infinity, Space, and Time

untitled-2 untitled-3More perspective morphing test. Exploring Infinity, Space, and Time. Headphones needed, contains binaural beats. Feel the Bass.

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/ The World


Here’s an attempt on distorting ‘the world’ by Zaha Hadid. Transporting and Zooming the Observer into the painting……
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/ Rare Earth

R A R E  E A R T H
Me in the Rabbit Hole of Landscapes.
81745-ngsversion-1422282998215-adapt-1900-1Door to Hell, Turkmenistan
Lake Natron, Tanzania 
Giant’s Causeway, Ireland
Rice Terraces, China’s Yunnan
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Pinnacles, Mulu National Park. Borneo
Menabe Region, Madagascar
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/ Diamonds / Apparatus / Atlas

Rhythm. // 10. While cruising on the Aegean Sea, Le Corbusier glanced at Hozoviotissa monastery, built on a rock on the island of Amorgos. In 1956 he envisioned La Tourette’s elevation in accordance to the Aegean Monastery. 
Magical Realism. // 22. Walter Murch cuts film to connect scenes using his Rule of Six ‘don’t ever give up emotion before a story. Don’t give up story before rhythm, don’t give up rhythm before eye-trace, don’t give up eye-trace before planarity, and don’t give up planarity before spatial continuity’. 
Authenticity. Authorship. // 34. When Mies Van de Rohe designed the Barcelona Pavilion for the 1929 E.X.P.O. he had no idea that 56 years later it would be rebuilt and would become one of modernism’s most authentic copies. 
Destruction. Reborn. // 46. At 1:23:04 am on April 25, 1986 during a test experiment the EPS-5 button was pressed in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, leading to a nuclear explosion which, to present day, remains the most catastrophic accident in the history of humanity. 
The Distortion of Perspective.// 59. Zaha defies convention by forcing the ground to distort itself to her own gravity in ‘The World’ 
Death.// In Joseph Campbell writing The Hero’s Journey, the hero enters a central space in the Special World and confronts death or faces his or her greatest fear. Out of the moment of death comes a new life.
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/ interstice

Andrew Thomas Huang
Expanding on the Rhythm from Rules of Six by Walter Murch, and maybe a touch of Cosmic Dance of Death? mythology, ritualistic, and ancestry value. Ready to get your bones chilled, feast upon your eyes INTERSTICE by Andrew. 

       Demon-chasing was the purported reason for lion dances, as explained to me during my childhood whenever the spectacle took place at large clan reunions in the crimson and gold community halls of LA’s Chinatown. The mechanics of eradicating evil, according to my naive understanding, occurred somewhere between me, the spectator, and the gyrating anatomy of the beast itself; between the action of the dislocated limbs of the half-hidden dancers and the trailing silk veil that obscured them. 
       ” Nostalgia for this tradition spurred me to craft my own contemporary filmic ritual centered around a veiled dance. In my attempt to appropriate signifiers from my own ancestry, however, I found myself resorting to orientalizing tropes that merely romanticized my own heritage. The tension of a veiled dance conjures other more familiar images, such as the “Dance of the Seven Veils” from Oscar Wilde’s Salome. This western depiction of a seductive “eastern” dance reveals itself as hackneyed and problematic in its design to exoticize the concealed body while teasing mystic access to some hidden divinity. The danger of this artifice raises the question whether or not seeking embodiment through one’s ancestry is possible without romanticizing it? How can we who are culturally displaced invent tools and rituals to exorcize from ourselves the illusions projected onto us? ”
       Probing the illusive boundary itself, Interstice presents the veil as a self-contained magic trick: a shapeshifting second skin loaded with potential energy to manipulate identities and temporal-spatial dimensions that would otherwise be rendered immeasurable in its absence. Interstice is an attempt to pass through the veil that obscures our collective vision to reach a space in-between. An interstitial space.

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/ impossible landscapes

I M P O S S I B L E   L A N D S C A P E S
Manabu Ikeda
Totally random but , just wanted to share on Manabu Ikeda’s artwork in the first post! He uses ink to create all these ‘massive’ and visually explosive drawings that can take up years to complete. Think of MC.Escher on ACID.



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