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Kosuth’s chair(s) in the Front Member’s Room (text coming up soon!)

Two elements of the work remain constant: a copy of a dictionary definition of the word “chair” and a diagram with instructions for installation. Both bear Kosuth’s signature. Under the instructions, the installer is to choose a chair (any chair), place it before a wall, and take a photograph of the chair. This photo is to be enlarged to the size of the actual chair and placed on the wall to the left of the chair. Finally, a blow-up of the copy of the dictionary definition is to be hung to the right of the chair, its upper edge aligned with that of the photograph.


Which CHair do you prefer (top is from the library, bottom is from Brette’s office)?

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angry weekend!

working on the hole

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Destination Domino

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Guess who’s back?

YES, you got it! it’s the fisheye drawing!

Ok so i decided to actually get back to this drawing (i tried some animation tests, amongst other things and i concluded that there is no need to reintroduce a new medium when there is one that i used before that hasnt been glorified enough in the portfolio) – maybe not exactly this composition – im not entirely sure yet – but the idea is for it to be as it is and then fold/slide (watever the technique is) walls and floors, etc to go further and further connecting into this world and unwrap/explode the drawing physically

so below is the drawing in all its former glory – and underneath it is some geometry tests:

the last two are how the drawing’s perspectival construct could be instead of the top one. this might not make a lot of sense just yet – but hopefully tmrw i will have it better visually explained.

and this is an updated version of my “conclusion/end bit” of my text:

The forms of connectivity conventionally understood as the corridor or the open plan where all ultimately compromised. We had relied on the corridor as a connector however it is not its form that is the enabler. The corridor is a non-space constructed between two walls, ground, ceiling and a particular viewpoint. It is a state of uncertainty which sits between two spaces.

Connectivity is a concept. The corridor’s form, its visual representation and its definition all change as the understanding of the concept changes. Like with Kosuth’s three chair, the concept is independent from its mode of presentation (as an object, as a visual representation or a written definition). The way we understand connections has changed: ideologically and physically our perspectives have changed.

What enables us to connect is the combinations of all the architect’s tools: the wall, the ground, the perspective, the event and time.

The wall and the ground are understood as something that forcefully limit space and it is through those limits that we are capable of connecting and yielding new spatial combinations and connections. The wall particularly is an element that suggests the existence of another room – and through that wall we physically and artificially move and look through.

The product is the image of the event and not the object. The perspectival construct, the view, the event becomes the medium through which we can begin to understand the relations and connections between spaces. The form of the drawing and its ever expanding view as perspectival constructs of connectivity.



peace and love, g

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Unable to upload on the blog – so here is a reference

i am working on a series of images of my journey from the perspective of the wall – similar to the one i had done for the crit – but this time the aa, domino, and lever house

Kosuth’s concern was the relationship between concept and presentation

the totality of an artwork was the idea behind it – the actual art objects such as paintings or sculptures were besides the point and unnecessary – made words and explanations of concepts their central focus

the artwork embodies an idea that remains constant despite changes to its element (very much like my project – where connectivity is the concept)

a viewer may ask what is real here – the answer is that the definition is real – without a definition one wold never know what an actual chair is”


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the wall

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City of Walls

Im sketching out a few options – this is one at city scale ..

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So i am working on the last image in the presentation which is in the office where the whole narrative has been crafted (any comments/additions???):

and i have been trying to finish/fix the hole in this image:

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Working on some old drawings

still havent decided how to do this one

working on this one now

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Get Shorty

the last scene when you watch the making of the movie that you are watching !!!

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its a boy!!

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TSing away

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Lever house

Unfortunately, i cannot find ANY high res photos of Lever House from the courtyard!!!! – books or internet!!!!! i know i know i was bummed aswell – YOU HAVE NO IDEA – so i have been forced to reconstruct and essentially photoshop the entire image – anyway WIP – its a bitch

You are looking up into lever house – the hole is too obvious at the moment – it will be a bit hazy and you will see hints of the secret office that is in the hole – so the floor plates will continue – anyway will update the image later – i am working my way up from the ground

also i have changed the direction of the cone – it is now larger in diameter at the bottom of the building on the courtyard sie – before it was larger at the top on the other side – iv changed it for the sake of the image – LOOKS BETTER trust me


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TSing away – Understanding Lever house structure to cut through it

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The beginning of portal domino props

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insomnia, chicken tikka & corridors

Iv been reading up on history of corridors to clarify things. below are some notes:


History of the corridor


16th century Italy – the room had many doors. The house was a series of interconnected rooms in which the inhabitants walked through spontaneously encountering events and people.

The invention of the corridor & its evolution – why, how?

The idea of the corridor became relevant in the 17th century. The English used the corridor for the circulation of servants in the house. This way the family circulated and inhabited a network of rooms/spaces which were being served by the corridor which connected to each and every room of the enfilade. The arrangement of rooms were still managed by the sequence of movement through the enfilades and not the corridor.

The corridor was a device to separate those being served from those serving.

By the mid 19th century, the corridor became the key feature in organising the house. Enfilades were replaced and the use of the corridor became radically different to that of the 17th century. The corridor became a means to segregating spaces/rooms.

The increasing populations of cities lead to a lot of informal settlements with spread of disease and unsanitary living habits. A lot of slums in European cities were being wiped out and people were rehoused in social housing estates. Housing units were being designed with compartmentalised spaces for different functions in the house to prevent the spread of disease and unhygienic living habits.

The corridor was used to segregate the various spaces within the house – a pragmatic solution to the problem – at this point it still wasn’t understood as circulation space.

In the 20th century, industrialisation was all about efficiency.

This then affects the way we understand the corridor today as circulation space – the corridor gains value for its abilities to connect.

Space was divided into two clear: inhabited rooms and unoccupied circulation space – the spaces were given clear functions without any overlap of functions.

This reduced accidental encounters which would be distracting and inefficient. The door to any room was easy to access through the corridor.

Contemporary condition – The death of the corridor – how, why, when this death occurs?


I am writing my “prospectus” text now to clarify my argument and set out exactly what i am doing – contemporary condition –  the death of the corridor:

architecture = portal

text coming soon!!!!

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Yes, i just finished reading Alice in Wonderland!

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Is anything missing?/comments?/etc?

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WIP – Working on my journey plates sequence & portal domino

Portal/destination, portal/destination, portal/destination, etc – im not sure wat happens after the 60s office block to be honest

i am working on this image – portal domino – still need to paint the model, add “props” on the table – scalpal, etc that cut the model. pls note the portal we came from in the back – right top corner – the paper

also working on my props for the concrete maison domino – transfer beams, etc

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PORTAL 2 ?? – Me and Mrs Savoye

There is a painter in the background covering up “the hole” (which is a fake one of coarse) that i came from

Im trying out different options, angles, compositions , very much WIP!!

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Project title?

So the project title for now is COLLAPSING FICTIONS – you might say it is a bit vague and i would agree!

But hey i need a title for tmrw!

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I added myself

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UPDATE on PORTAL 2 – any comments??

I still have to add myself & the reflection of the hole in the mirror

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NEW AND IMPROVED Portal 2 – on its way – WIP

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TEE-S: Portal 1 is almost there – time to annotate! FRIDAY: PORTAL 2

below are the two detail drawings for the cut – they still need a bit of hatching and differentiation between what material had been added at the end for the smooth edge

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TS PAGES – no scanner, sorry for shitty pic


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I am making quick collages to figure out my journey through the portals

This is one through the front member’s room in 1947 – i am hanging with corb looking at a model of the plan libre discussing how he wants to escape from this lavish ornate aesthetics – ironic since we r in a space like that –

a bit of the aa library hole – the one that got me to corb – is seen in a mirror above the fireplace

the next hole takes me to pompidou – it is through the model! – concrete is the next material

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Section through Georgian House

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Some TS screenshots – layered drawings

The props – last images to the right – are to be designed and zoomed into

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Drawing from crit

So basically the main issue with this drawing is that the before condition & the after condition of the portal are clear but totally separate – basically the in between condition which is the threshold/lens/device/entry is needs to bring them together – perhaps it becomes a 3dimensional object

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WIP – drawing is growing -pompidou & plan libre will be added tonight

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Fun times in the library

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Party at G’s house – all are welcome




The idea is to pan into these moments that take you to places kind of like the youtube clip we saw — so imagine this huge drawing that is accompanied by an animation/film/flash whatever its called

the references are being added – pompidou, kiesler, etc

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Artificiality of the openings – Turrell & Hopper

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WIP – VERY crude print out of the drawing/object im working on

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I BELIEVE IN HOLES – Henri Cartier Bresson apparently was also into holes

Seville 1944, children playing

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Circle drawing WIP

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General Hospital student nurses in school lecture hall, Boston 1972

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Diploma space reshoot – shot at 250 dpi with wider angle format (25) and SHARPER


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Le Trou – Jacques Becker

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A few pics


Tags: >
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Are you convinced?


2012? – which do you prefer?


anything in particular needs work? – r we convinced with the perspectives of library and lecture hall? .. as for the carpet – i cut it with scissors (yes eleanor) – it was a very neat process

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Clearly this is taking much longer than i had hoped! – but this is the final view of dip space to lecture hall – library floor (3rd down) is still sketchy and of coarse the cut out floors are just being sorted now (more scruffy, torn carpet, etc etc) – in the installation alot of “stuff” will exist in the foreground suggesting the hole was chiseled out – aiming to set up tmrw or saturday

STILL NO HOLE :( – tonight is the night!

AGAIN, clearly taking much longer than i had hoped! but these r my construction drawing for (de)constructing the holes

And finally the “set of plates” (not book) – still havent been given much love and affection – tonight is the night!

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This one’s for all the adobe junkies! – happy yayoi halloween

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vertigo?? – which image makes you want to jump down to the lecture hall?

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Making the first hole – TEST

The wallpaper is viewed from the wrong point in the room here – this shows the distorted image and its distorted perspective so that when it is in fact viewed from the correct viewpoint the perspective lines match up – did that make sense? lots of grammatical errors i know! – see image below for the “aha”moment


Correct viewpoint: 35 degrees, 4.3 m way at 1.9m height – this is the point in the room when the perspective is not distorted

i must adjust the angle so it is at about 1.75m height and move it slightly to the left to see more of the admin corridor hole


TEST below of a simple straight forward 1 point perspective hole –




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spectacle of destruction

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holes! – possible scenarios



Dip 9 Unit Space to Admin’s Corridor






Front Member’s Room to Library






Lecture Hall to Bedford Square






34 Entrance Corridor to Lecture Hall

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Meet The Godfather & his Godson

Godfather: Marcel Duchamp

Godson: Gordon Matta Clark

So Gordon Matta Clark is the Godson of Marcel Duchamp – foreal!

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Le trou des Halles, Paris 1970s

Le “trou des Halles” – destruction of the iron and glass market place in 1971 – this served as an image of modernisation

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Is anybody else a victim?

courtesy of Manon Mollard

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Eisenmann groupies

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This weekend’s Tate Modern Scandal

Rothko – Newest art piece added to the list of vandalised art work – This one is not as strong as the reverse readymade of the Fountain!

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Detroit Detroit!

Detroit: The Death – and Possible Life – of a Great City

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Remaking the Readymade

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Central courtyard: fireplace

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Ex2: 50 Brick compositions

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Experiments/pavilions planned by Aalto – from the original plans

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Experimental House timeline

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