Agent of Soft

 Mission statement 

Intrinsically soft, both in their existence and physical properties, the agents are what will spark talk on the soft revolution [perhaps evolution]. They convey a state of society which requires coming to terms with the contingent character of the articulations of our world. A state which accepts that the pursuit of the absolute hard truth is a mere fantasy, and that instead we should learn to create and communicate effectively about complexity. 

Unpredictable and amorphous, their friendly looming presence is what pushes our reality, not to the un-real, but to the surreal. They convey a schizophrenic two stated-ness, and aim to amplify the discussion about our heterogenous reality. 

Some have seen them, maybe touched them. Others don’t believe they exist.

They metabolize news, legislation, art, and culture to produce a public realm where dissensus emerges. 

These ‘machins’ float, bounce, react, record and imprint; all in their materiality. They are constantly being shaped by the surfaces they interact with. 

Eventually, they start to crystalize and retire, keeping the interactions they’ve had with their surroundings in the memory of their form. In doing that they mediate between past present and future.



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