after jury totorial wip

After the juries I sketched some ideas for the left spaces that act as antagonists within the augmented world of hyper-connectivity and big data.

The first drawing wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go. It’s a cluster of inhabitable and machine occupied structures behind a large radar system that is able to block or amplify signal, creating an enclave of non-connectivity. What I had in mind was slightly more sci-fi.

On a diagram below I listed all the things I have so far to describe what it does: an AI operated area in the city that is: an extraterritorial, animatronic, high-tech park for mixed use that mostly deals with consumption of information, production of trustworthy data, learning, etc.


I imagine it to be quite an absurd place, more like an animatronic artificial landscape, and the first object I thought of was this artificial structure that resembles tall grass. Elements interact with the visitor through voice, braid intro temporary structures, creating areas of privacy and detachment from the consumption of information.


The notes from Stefan after the tutorial to on Friday for were:

-start a taxonomy of objects that constitute the park , define 2 elements

-complete the sketches as proper drawings

-3 new sketches of moments inside that park that show what people do there and define the objects with which they interact

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