Sorry no big news – and no beautiful images either. I have refined my TS table of content :

  1. Defining the needs (Hypothesis) [within a defined political location/condition what are the climatic conditions ? According to these conditions how do we size the electricity needs for a given population ? At what price ? who pays ? what theoretical surplus ?] + include a comparaison of production capacity/price of 1km2 of each production system (renewables and non-renewables). 
  2. Programming the territory (Grid) [Defining the location of the RNs (Wind turbines, Solar panels) parks, locating the different type of needs (cities, agriculture, industry,…), striping the territory, tracing the distribution pathways of the MG]. + survey of the two mini grid sites. For that part i will use analysis of wind power/direction at different time of the year to define where the WT are located. Same for the sun. 
  3. Laying the adaptateurs (Fulcrums) [Why low tech batteries forms ( Critic of  heavy metal extraction use in HT batteries, of the time frame in which current large scale batteries are used, of their total lack of social/spatial impact. Also i think i am going to start the term ‘Primitive’ rather than ‘Low tech’.) ? What are the different forms that these LTB can take (a stone, a train, a reservoir, a crane,…) ? Where do we place them and how they frame the MG].  The chapter will be structure as followed = short historical survey of machines using potential energy (windmill,…) / what are the inventions / what are the elements of opportunism ? / what are the architectural outcome ? 
  4. Discharge [What are the benefit of these batteries ? What do they bring] (emphasis on the performative quality of the primitive batteries, and then going back at larger scale to study a potential equilibrium of the mini grid in-between them )


Update of the Minigrid : I am refining the ‘grid’ to a 1x1km grid – which will be super dense in term of energy storage. Densifying the MG in term of power density is a way of making the MG itself 1 storage unit.

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