Our spaces of dialogue in the city do not align with our current mechanisms of dialogue.

Whilst dialogue now occurs in the form of inconsequential burst of information through digital platforms. The physical spaces where it is accounted for are still based on Greco-Roman ideals. These ideals being, object of memory of triggering and retaining, choreography, open public space.

These ideals have survived in buildings such as universities, banks and museums as a constant reflection of themselves through history.

With the commodification of devices that connect to this platform that allows all of us the equal ability of producing and receiving unlimited amounts of information in any form, and combined with the reach of global telecommunications, these buildings have been rendered obsolete.

We need to take advantage of this-world wide network and repurpose the great potential of dialogue. D-LOG is a machine of dis-assembly that rethinks spaces whose dynamics have not changed since Greco-Roman times.

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