The shift towards neoliberal capitalism has has led the social divide spiral out of control. Taking the current economic system as a given, a new arrangement has to be formed to subvert the situation.



98% of modern architecture is designed through finance and 2% by the architect. The top-heavy, car-melting, pedestrian-blinding building that is the Walkie-Talkie Tower hence emerges as an archetypal architectural abomination born from finance and architecture. If 98% : 2% (Finance : Design) is an awkward compromise, what if we did it 100% : 0%.



Good finance generates room for good design.

To reclaim the right to live is to reclaim finance and the frame.

all at once




What if we decoupled ownership and the right to use?





Reclaiming the Frame






The Tower as Financial Weaponry

With sharp increases in property prices, the City of London council has engaged Real Estate Consultancy to design, develop and manage a network of buildings to stabilise the property market within the City.

With 2000 units delivered across 10 towers encircling the City, average prices have stabilised 20% below 2017 levels.


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