Zoom In / Zoom Out WIP

been trying to make the first bid of the video more dense + added a background. second part is the beginning to the zoom out: starting from the peak of the mountain and, as it zooms 5m, 50m, 500m one can see different scales of it: objects, buildings, other landscapes (still need to be drawn)

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3 Responses to Zoom In / Zoom Out WIP

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Maybe the neat-freak is preventing you from really committing to this, but if you want this to work, it needs at least 150 (no exaggeration) more buildings to fall, along with all sorts of other debris.

    also, they need to bounce and roll around a bit when they fall – the landing is too abrupt. Might need to be modelled and animated…?

  2. Felix Brinkhege says:

    ur right, its still not enough objects :/ i think what i really need is to overlay the animation with real footage… doing them all individually is draining too much energy and time.. will try tomorrow with a GoPro cam (does 120frames per sec)

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    good plan.