yesterday – Kosuth ‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed.’ exhibition + ‘Post Pop: East meets West’

Joseph Kosuth’s RECON of JUDD -


‘Five Fives (for Donald Judd)’

This piece “attempted was to make a Judd’ but in Kosuth’s terms, using his own working methods as an artist”.

Kosuth encasing Freud -

Here Kosuth took a page from Freud’s corrected galley proof from his book on fetishism. His handwriting constitutes expression through a moment in Freud’s own production of meaning.


Otto Rank creates a link between the practice of psychoanalysis and the project of meaning constituted by the artwork : ” The neurotic is not merely someone who failed to adjust to the world, but a potential superior individual who fails at being creative. A good therapeutic result means that the patient adjusts himself and also sometimes the circumstances – which involves creativity. His task is ‘ to create himself’ and then go and create externally”. 

Kosuth and the mission of art – 


Side note for Sabrina: ” Proof of ownership of his work is established by a Certificate, which also contains the fabrication instructions”.

Kosuth’s RECON of MUSIL -


This work recontextualizes as it decontextualizes a diagram used by Musil.  – Musil was interested in the reduction language made of the complexity of our experiences. He was concerned that writing would reflect the discontinuity which comprises much of lived experience.

An extra fun one I saw:  IMG_5673

 ‘Post Pop: East meets West’ : 

Sabri, this might be interesting for you too! The images below are not done by Warhol…. but does that matter?


Cat opened pandora’s box of selfies in the gallery hahahaha….Sabri you should go to the gallery and stamp that!! (read below).

'Not Warhol'- Mike Bidlo

‘Not Warhol’- Mike Bidlo

SABRI —  ” My work is an extreme example of this strainof art which references other art because it directly mirrors the image, scale and materials of the original .Whatever diferences appear in my work are a consequence of my working method and not an attempt at projecting a personal style.” – Mike Bidlo 1984-86


The painting below is one out of a series of six which show works of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Phillips, Indiana and Wesselman as if they had survived wars, natural cataclysms and restoration work.

Andy Warhol saw his “Post Soup” for the first time in 1976 in a gallery and apparently turned green. When Warhol met the artist 2 year later, he said “You copied my can and I copied your hammer and sickle.” Komar asked “why?” and Andy replied ” Maybe because I’m Czech…”.

They then colaborated in 78-79 on “We buy and sell souls” ( attached photo below)


Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid , 1973

We buy and sell souls

We buy and sell souls

funny one –  IMG_5724

Maridia – these are doors:


Four doors I by Gary Hume (1989)

Anouk – 1:1 Marble sculpture of a sofa  IMG_5679

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