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The machine of authentication
A factory of architectural originality

Architecture is shown to us through 2d images representing spaces/buildings within the same textures and patterns of sameness. My factory is using those images, appropriating fragments of these 2d realities and transforming those in something original. The factory act as a volcano of architectural products which becomes highly personal, yet made by the same products. At the same time, the factory can become a machine, where the viewer is the spectator of this assemblage, the factory is showing from the outside how the architectural sameness can be become individual with your action towards the machine. You are able to take part in the line of production through their own individual pieces.

The architectural production is in the action of converting the same author into a multitude of original projects.
originality happened once in art when rauschenberg erased the kooning. You are presented the first time of originality in architecture with the machine of authentication.

Main concepts involved:

proliferation of sameness and authorship vs a personal-collective identity
assemblage and appropriation of copies as a tool to create originals
factory creating architectural products transformed in value
Fighting the architectural environment from the inside, using their images/their products but through the line of production decomposing and stripping away their aesthetic/context and creating a production where all the others can intervene.
the aim is not to stop producing, it is to change the production into a cultural movement. the factory holds the 2d images as an archive and redistributes them to be used by others.


how the mechanism of the factory works?
how the others intervene in the process?

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