Wrapping and Transforming

big_400508_2677_05_2012_09_Frida_Tallera_12531 big_400508_4832_07_2012_09_Frida_Tallera_14571Frida Escobedo wraps Cuernevaca’s home studio in an enigmatic texture and transforms it into a space of cultural production.

Seems as though I have a natural attraction to Frida’s work!!! Absolutely in love with this space which provides a framework for an autonomous laboratory where experiments to articulate the voice of a new generation of cultural producers can take place.

‘In a country that is haunted by the unrealised ideals of its modernist past, where revolutionary messages tend to be co-opted by political parties, the new cultural producers must be able to disguise themselves and cope with this condition to a point that seems almost conservative.’

The new Tallera showcases a masterful sociopolitical and architectural juggle; a well-played act that carefully exhibits a need to look inward, only to provide a genuinely autonomous space for reinvention from within.

How do you negotiate between politics and architecture, cultural past and the new proposed present of site without compromising a strong vision? 

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