Worst blog ever…..

…so because I am going to try and blog everyday. I have no idea why. This is where I am i have changed the quote”ikea looking bookshelves” and moved the house and added more eisenman models.

First very bad should not be blogged sketch of next steps. I was thinking to explain what i mean when i say that the author come with baggage. he or she can never be viewed in isolation i will zoom into the book shelf which will show Eisenman and his references. in the open book will be an image of house two which we will enter and through frames windows ect we will see other project related to this one. The authored will be surrounded by its references.  I am not really happy with this though think it needs some work. I need to work out how to transition back into the mausoleum. Not really sold by what I have posted AT ALL.

painterly iso reference

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One Response to Worst blog ever…..

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    1. nice ‘painterly’ reference – and in axo form too.

    2. the sketch is fine but is a little representative of your story instead of enabling you to enter it o your own terms. Get away from Eisenman when and where possible. Also, this should present much more your argument with regards to the relationship of text and form. Is too specific to eisenman’s references as this point – which is fine if the next sequence enters the text conversation (maybe blog those next?) If you blog now, it will officially now be tomorow’s entry!