Working on the ‘WHOLE’


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 20.19.45Will present first version of totem tomorrow. I think I have abandoned the idea of it being open-able/move-able – no hinges. It just doesn’t work as a ‘totem’ otherwise. Tried a few options, but think Im getting too bogged down in the mechanics of it! I will concentrate on the idea of the whole thing being multi-faceted, but no longer being manipulated when it is in its final form! Also found these lovely things!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 18.35.40



So, have been thinking about the way I construct the WHOLE and what form it takes. Slightly  worried about the random-ness of just putting things together and ending with a weird looking thing (although it has not seemed to bother me previously…)

The final object, assembling all the samples, needs to have a narrative which I construct using the drawings and grains. I was thinking of basing the design around the sculptures we often saw in Mexico City ‘ Arbol de la Vida.’ Even though these were mainly used in a biblical sense, it is interesting to see how they tell the narrative of the theme they are portraying. Allowing me to talk through the model and the spaces created.





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2 Responses to Working on the ‘WHOLE’

  1. Felix Brinkhege says:

    sounds good. also a lot of european altar pieces have this kind of narratives – and you open and close them, so that adds an extra layer of spatiality to it…

  2. I would push the idea of the green totem. Visible in all directions/sides