UPDT working on the event ‘maintenance’ plan





PLAN  plan 1


I’m not sure what scale to draw it at… Judd’s existing sheds aren’t in the frame now because it’s a large area to cover. I would like to have a view over the whole thing but maybe I need to bring all the things a LOT closer? – This is A1 at the moment.

I’m throwing all the elements in, aprox. where they should be according to panorama, but will re-arrange once everything is in. Should I add more detail to the buildings themselves? or leave them at roughly  the detail they have at this stage and draw the indications/maintenance markings, dimensions, pathways etc. ? 


so much slower than I thought… some layers are switched off but still…a long way to go to make me proud.

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One Response to UPDT working on the event ‘maintenance’ plan

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    1. your runway needs to be longer if it’s to be considered real-ish.
    2. annotations – will you make notes for the types of maintenance? do we see the maintenance truck tracks in the sand?
    3. Do you have a giant freezer somewhere making huge cubes of ice to replace the ones that melt? Do you have annotations near the ice installation about how to hide the water. (ie, hourly sweeping of sand over wet patch – 52 firm sweeps in a south by south-westerly direction).
    4. agree with cat’s whatsapp comments
    5. is there a big box of costumes near/behind to the abbey road photo installation
    6. where is the maintenance depot – the trucks, the crew. Do they have a covered picnic area with tables laid out judd-style? Or a pile of sofas in the form of a displaced ‘Factory’ where the only superstars now are the crew?
    I’ll think of more later!