working on..


1. 4 moving drawings

This is one of them-outdated version(others were too big to upload). It has taken amount of time to arrange it.. but I think these will be important pieces to conclude last chapter of the project. Still working on the rest of drawings.


It is a bit hard to explain here, but I will show it as rear-projection in a frame. I prepared two frames with different sizes(50x50cm, 21x21cm) and will build a table tomorrow and finish at same day I hope.

2. Text/Video

recording/editing during the weekend

3. Drawing(hand) – when I finished the list above.


+ White book(presentation book) – weekend job

I haven’t decided format/size/anything about white book yet but it will be book version of the project and have specific aesthetics.



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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    couldn’t watch the video – said it was private.