Work in progress – Quadrant/Slice One

I am currently working on 2 pieces for my eventual pie. I had some trouble with the CNC machine (as they are all broken – one luckily was fixed today evening, so my moulds will begin to take shape tomorrow). In the mean time i revised some pages from my whitebook, and i am in the process of making a papier mache model for tomorrow. I have attched some images of what i intend to do.

Cast Model Quadrant 1 - Landscape Model Quadrant 1 - Reverse Screen Saver Model Quadrant 1 MouldA MouldB


The 1st quad, looks at the point of view through duplicity – how a single entity connotes multiple tales. The scale shifts from an actual landscape experienced at 1:2000, and on the flip side, is a simple photoshop window on my laptop.

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One Response to Work in progress – Quadrant/Slice One

  1. Mark McGlynn says:

    Ben Young’s sculpture are really amazing!