After last Friday’s seminar about narrative I looked further into making an apparatus that takes the idea of changing perspective from one of the narratives I analyzed. The first narrative was Paprika, a linear narrative but constantly jumping between dream world and reality until both eventually crash and merge.


The second non-linear narrative I analyzed was from the film The Handmaiden. This story tells a series of events from three different perspectives, when one ark is done at the point of arrival at the sanatorium the story starts anew but from another characters perspective. This happens three times and with each time the viewer gets more information about the whole. It is as if seeing a ‘landscape’ from different angles and each new angle makes your perception of it more complete.



The reference I looked at for constructing my apparatus is the exhibition by Ai WeiWei exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts earlier this year. In it were 6 containers. Each of these containers had a couple of peepholes through which you could see a part of the prison cell inside. I take this idea of the ‘peepshow’ and add to it the concept of a looping narrative, giving the viewer through seeing a scene from (literally) different perspective a different perception (figurative change of perspective) of the whole.

Click the link below to visit an interactive website showing the RA’s exhibition.




In this image you are looking through a peephole showing the overview of the scene, but you can see a peephole over Ai WeiWei’s bed through which you can only see a fragment of the scene, him sleeping peacefully in his bed, where in reality there are two guards uncomfortably close watching him 24/7.

The concept of the wonderbox (peep box, raree show) goes back to the 15th century and were used to depict theatrical scenes to people for a fee. They were small enough to carry around on a cart or someones back.



Below some sketches of the design of the Wonderbox, still a work in progress but tomorrow the physical model will be there to show you the concept in action. It is a ‘set’ inside a box, showing a story from three different view points, the next viewpoint offers a new bit of information showing the previous was but an illusion.





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