Images i am currently working on. First 5 are about the (OFF)air narrative and the last two are the (OFF)pit  narrative. I will have a dew more tomorrow. Currently working on re-arranging the book. I think a good rhythm is around a double-page every 20 sec which makes a 60 pages presentation for 10min. Will probably go up to 70-75 but no more. Models of fake reality will stay, i am currently getting rid of the first series of 15 drawing i did at the very beginning of the year. Also the images can be presented at a much quicker rhythm…

OFFW has a new psychedelic flagship website ! : https://offw.persona.co

And the first one is entirely dedicated to OFFW@AA (which you can access through the first one). OFFW@AA will be presented as a pilot project of OFFW, focusing on a small scale organism such as the AA. [> http://cargocollective.com/offw]

Honestly, i am thinking about developing the website very precisely during the next month and speak with the person responsible for the AA website in order to integrate OFFW into the aa domain (offw.aaschool.ac.uk ?) and solve the issue of people being able to login & post their waste offer.


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