Wipping still…edited



Aim is to move out of rhino and into 3 folded drawings as soon as I figure this out. The warehouse is too big I think for now so I will scale it down to 50 x 50 m. I am writing at the same time but I will post that in spreads. On tuesday I will spend the day photographing the models and annotating them so they’re as complete as possible. As I am building the factory I am thinking of translations from drawing to construction (scale up), from construction to site (visual using green screen), from site to drawing (as a less linear transposition and for scale down).

Setting up the views to explain the sequence in the folded drawing:


Left view : room to decide the site


Right view : site through the green room


Staircase that is a threshold – trying to explain in drawing how it involves two pathways that do not meet


Plan – still some things I need to do

The spreads are in progress …

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  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    Happy wipping birthday Anny!