More on what i was writing in the previous post : (c is for caption)


c1 : The project is a conversation between the contemporary construction of realities and the junks and leftovers that these realities produces. It argues for a radical reverse of the process of production – consumption, from its more evident form to its more complex and deeper economic, politic, cultural and architectural implications. It argues for a shift, from the economy of the belief to junk economics. 

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c2: While Labour, shopping and tourism are now the standard product of cities, they have provided the sufficient infrastructure to generate a common feeling of belief. A belief in consumerism, in beautifully rendered and photoshopped images, in the economy of consumption, a belief of the new.

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c3:A belief that our near futur is fact the reality – we are prepared, framed, forced to do so: in fact our desire to believe is merged with our perception of reality. And in many aspect this reality is rendered perfect, precious, comfortable – a sort of lubricant for belief. 


c3: This desire of belief is spectacle : the everyday domestic, repetitive – often unpleasant tasks become a spectacle which we are prepared for. Before entering a theatre, one is already prepared to believe in what the play will do. A frame is set up (both mentally and physically), and the spectacle takes over facts. We just need to see in order to believe.

photo ?

II. Aesthetic

c2 : Wastes re-use is inscribed into the DNA of our modern society. Rather than following a circle like path, they follow a line where they function is continuously re-arrange.


c3 : There is a shift from a society of preciousness to a society which is rejecting the aesthetic of the new. Fragments and leftovers now have a utterly important social, political (almost religious) agenda. 

III. Further



c4 : Wastes now have their trading rates at the stock exchange

Photo ? Perhaps a machine fabricating fake waste ? or a camera and security cabin at the entrance of a waste treatment plant ?


c5: Wastes become products illegally sold on black market > even fabricated as fake entity

To be continued… More to come tomorrow.

>>> The narrative around which i am working on is meant to be a support to the work i am doing. i am still working on the drawing and the models [fragments > ensemble or wastes > reality].


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