The work on the drawing is going on, and I am also working on a book – which from now will be the main way of presenting the project.

While I am doing the book – i am trying to explain the project via a series of caption, explaining the work process as well as guiding the potential reader through the narrative of the project. It is really helping me do refine and push ahead the why and what of the project.

This is the first caption – introducing the book :

The project is a conversation between the contemporary construction of realities and the junks and leftovers that these realities produces. It argues for a radical reverse of the process of production – consumption, from its more evident form to its more complex and deeper economic, politic, cultural and architectural implications. It argues for a shift, from the economy of the belief to junk economics. 

I am working on writing the next, put together images that I already have and other model/image i will need to produce. But here is what i think now :

I need to take the project into a narrative that really impact the REAL. And i thinking about pushing really far the notion of a radical reverse of the process of production – consumption, or said differently : what if our cultural identity had been constructed upon junks and wastes ? It would unveil an entirely different relation to this ‘matter’.

La Cena01

I don’t exactly know yet how to explain this. It would allow to rethink a certain number of cultural/political practices and events from different ‘point of view’.

I will have more on that tomorrow – and more drawings to come !

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