Im drawing pretty intuitively, taking hints from the Nolli map, but also constantly questioning, why and how the spaces that i am drawing  add to my argument about the ambiguous city and projection.

The architect’s house is the most extreme form of a projective space. In the form of objects, memories and spaces, it holds the architect’s identity. If the house then is a manifestation of the city, the architect is indirectly sculpting the city in the most personal and unique manner. (Probably why a lot of psychiatric’s clinics look like domestic spaces, this allows the patient to feel more comfortable, in order to be more open about their problems)

Note: “Wright, Corbusier and Rossi believed that the familiar presented certain assumptions about truths that were no longer historically relevant or appropriate. The familiar also projected certain liberations and obstructed the possibilities of the free play of life (projection). As Nietzsche suggested, by allowing only certain kinds of behaviour and certain ways of seeing and thinking; as Derrida puts it , “some political authority is embodied in architecture”

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