WIP – Mies en Abyme

Updated Collage

WIP - Reagan


Constructing the world through Mise en Abyme – How ideas, perception and reality collapse to create a whole new dimension of architecture.

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4 Responses to WIP – Mies en Abyme

  1. if it is about reality collapse.. maybe the reflection on the mirror is not as expected!?

    • Amar Mehta says:

      Aaaah yes….the image i uploaded was a work in progress….the completed image is different in that very sense….each layer of reflection leads itself to another “world” and so on. Maybe i can make it more dramatic…thank you

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    either your title is the best in-joke ever or a typo?

    Is it a Mies (aka van der Rohe) en abyme? Maybe Felix should steal that?

    or a

    Mise en Abyme?

    • Amar Mehta says:

      Haha it is meant to be Mise, but thought it would be funny if it was “Mies” after tuesday, when it was mentioned that there is too much Mies.