WIP & jumble of thoughts

Working on main drawing of plate 4, initial collage idea was
But getting bored of all these lines so switching to little perspectives for now (part of plate 6, the one where we ‘go inside,’ showing experience and ‘life’ of concrete city of the dead with perspective, details, events.. quick reminder here)
And a miracle happened today, I finally went to the Death exhibition at the Wellcome Collection! – it finishes on Saturday..!- I want to put skeletons in my drawings now.
& some random thoughts..

* role of fire, with rise of cremation. transformation of body to its constituent substances would require a new set of rituals and ceremonial spaces
+ trend of tree and water burials?

* currently project is focusing on typology for the dead, maybe should also include typology for the dying? particularly relevant with current wish to live as long as one can
‘threshold’ between city of living and city of dead. home funerals, etc

* shifting characteristics of cemetery
walled isolation vs open access
place to avoid vs relax
place of social engagement vs contemplation
monument vs public park
ceremonial vs everyday
private vs communal
re-situate projects, or moments of it, to clarify what the proposal is doing

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