WIP: Explode and Explain

I need to explode this WIP drawing and explain what it is saying. It is in three phases Existing, intervention and proposed. I need to decide on a format and stick to it. I am going to go with A2 Portrait with comic cells on the left and world view on the right for each spread.Exbury-All-three

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2 Responses to WIP: Explode and Explain

  1. Felix Brinkhege says:

    A2 for this drawing? I’d rather make it a solid A1 or B1 (my favourite). maybe draw context and layer it + drawing stages on tracy paper?

  2. Mark McGlynn says:

    No this one will be the big one, A0 or possibly your hook up with B1 I like that too. I wanted to do acetate but I think there will be too many layers and you wouldn’t see it eventually. It totally needs some context as well.