wip 2


I hate descriptive text, so here’s a poem instead:

The proposal: each one of us as an individual, each one of us a perspective
arranged side by side, sometimes collapsing into one another, forming
what we term “a collective.” This is a world interpreted, but the things
one interprets are milieus already existing, and therefore solidified
within the context of the generic-specific office, that is, the office
that becomes generic in the presence of many specifics:
rooms awash in light (naturally north-facing or artificial)
colour accent walls (of no use), rolling chairs, partitions of waist-height, and Macs
on rows, or less-than-fanciful imitations of Macs. Designing the office is not a matter
of hiring an interior decorator, it is one of incorporating, of consuming, the traits
that are general, the methods proven to work, and then to lexify them.

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