Leaving this collage like this for the moment…. Will add a better image for the bottom later, should be my design for a civic space anyway. I saw TS Tutor David yesterday, who was one of the engineers for SANAA Rolex, he said that my construction is pretty simple. I would need some supports for lateral movements of the slab, which would be my ‘cores’ I want to make these like Shusev towers for the moment with lift going through the centre. I need at least four and will have more because of circulation. Columns for 15m lifted slab he mentioned would be 1.1m wide steel tube. I wanted crosses, he mentioned they can merge into a tube and bulge slightly in their middle. Brings up ideas from my ‘column’ experiments before, so maybe they could become ‘totem’ pole Egyptian style columns. Im doing TS drawings now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 18.21.53


Oh and also: during my intro to the project David mentioned that the Catholic church was the first global corporation and there are numerous examples where the very first structure they would construct would be a wall, then the chapel. They then had holes in the wall for interaction with the public and later rooms as part of the wall which were the only spaces that the public was allowed to freely visit (perhaps for confessions). But the point was that the very first idea was to divide public from the church. Also mentioned the ha-ha but he put it in an interesting way – the ha-ha is only noticed from one direction so if your grounds have a boundary with farmland, the boundary is not seen from the house outwards, making it seem as if you’re part of/own the landscape. From the farmland side, the boundary is very clear – do not approach.

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Did you develop the model since last tuesday? Can you show and update? This one looks same with addition of a some furniture (and pink). I sketched out a clear plan of action and drawings to produce. Most straightforward path would be to work through the list.