Who will use the road? (Edited)

My tutorial with Nacho was very helpful and inspiring – I think it takes a TS tutor to see all the technical absurdities in my project. An example: if the road passes through a marble quarry (Anouk’s project) the road should be built out of marble; If it passes through a forest, it should be built out of wood, and so forth.

His main concern with the project was the question of how it begins. He told me that it would be good to specify all the inputs and parameters of the road, before embarking on its construction. Hence this first slice of the Road Chapter, which tries to define *who* is using the road, *what* is transported on it, and *where* it starts (physically). To transport all the material necessary for the city to be built under the road, I would perhaps need to have a 100 lanes, and the road needs to be ten miles wide. Back to the planetary scale, again.

“It’s totally bonkers, you know that?” he said. I think that’s a good thing.

I’ve decided that the road is built by the newly graduated architects themselves. Obviously, in my world, since it is for their sake I’m proposing the rallying point. Perhaps in times when nothing gets constructed, it is not the “users” who should construct these kind of things, but the architects themselves. Every worker an entrepreneur, as Bata said.





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