White Book_Gutter?

Dear Unitmates,

I have been trying to find out how to add a gutter to my facing master pages in Adobe InDesign CS6. I’ve tried to use Layout>Margins and Columns…>Gutter (with enable layout adjustments switched on) but nothing changed. Any similar issues or solutions?

Thank you.

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One Response to White Book_Gutter?

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    I turned on your comments by the way!

    The gutter in indesign generally refers to the space in between columns and can be found in Layout>margines and columns

    If you mean gutter in the middle of a book – just use the margins to set up the pages. Again, I highly recommend you eliminate most of your master pages. at this point you shouldn’t have too many more than 5ish.

    1st spread of a chapter.
    spread for text-based pages
    spread for large image based pages
    spread for smaller images with or without text
    1 spread for chapter break