White Book & Presentation Captions

Good evening,

Still sneezing, I decided not to leave the house and take the day to work on the presentation sheets and White Book. I want to write the captions for the format in technical terms but structured according to painting titles (title, artist, (artist date), date made, medium and support, dimensions, inscription summary, acquisition credit, etc.). As I looked at the description of the Arnolfini Portrait and advert of Ryman’s Post-it Note appeared. A side question: What is it that you see in the mirror?

High art vs. Post-it Note

High art vs. Post-it Note

That’s it. Caption: pack of 200 removable self-stick notes, Post-it ®, 3M, recyclable paper, 70 gsm, 100 x 100 mm, Canary Yellow, Matte Finish

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