White Book, Audio questions?

So, will bring the printed version of the white book on Tuesday. Thinking about how it should work since there is a substantial amount of work which uses audio or animation media. Right now I am thinking that the white book works like an ‘audio book,’ in the sense that each page has a track number which can be found on the USB which is given with the white book. Any thoughts? ( not sure whether there should be printed screenshots of the audio (ableton programme) in the white book?

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 18.27.53

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2 Responses to White Book, Audio questions?

  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    Sure you can include screen shots in the book. :)
    you can also include a QR code so you can scan it and listen on your phone?- faster than USB

  2. Natasha Rieffel says:

    nice, i like it!