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Back from holidays… I have been thinking and making the white book since last week and have also taken the first step to engage my project further for the term. I took contact with the London Waste Ltd, a company owned by the North London Waste Authority (http://www.nlwa.gov.uk), who is in charge of running waste treatment and recycling plants in London. I am now planning a site visit of 2 of the plants with them. I would like to go further into the after-life of the scraps and rubbish i am collecting. I feel like they are fragments in other ways that just physical leftovers of ‘things’. They are part of a chain of production, consumption and eventually destruction and recycling. There is an economic aspect to it which might be quite interesting to incorporate into the project – somehow it is similar to the chess table : It is not only a game with a ‘field’ and pieces but there is a complex history of all the previous games that have been played embedded within each moves. The installation I have been doing (and that will hopefully carry on developing) act in the same way : within each piece is part of history, often dictate by economic logic of consumption. I was thinking about collecting rubbish from a particular block (or street) in the city and start to build narratives with junks collected from specific places (included the Machu Picchu, or some other place in Peru – from MP would be great because there are issues with leftovers left by tourist on the site itself). These wastes appear as the ‘junk space’ of the over consumption in which we are living. Collecting it means therefore taking it out of the cycle in which they are supposed to be – which makes the collection a disruptive action – and photographing them as part of different narrative make this disruption a statement. This has obviously to be discussed further…

This is the project now :


Following is the first draft of the white book. I would like the basis format to be a 245*335mm format and then perhaps cut/torn/burn it throughout the reading. The paper would have to be recycled as well, maybe from different type of material… Ideally I would like to keep a ‘draft-like’ aspect to it – and still make it nice (I am collecting references, on e of them is a magazine called Guerillazine where each edit is burnt in a unique way – see pictures). The book needs to be an orchestrated mess to mirror the project. The fonts will be important as well as the way of displaying the images. Maybe I will have to erase everything at the end…










Here are images of Guerillazine, (I will try to get one by tomorrow)




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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Etienne! another interesting book reference for the white book might be a series of detective books that Manijeh used in her 5th year by Dennis Wheatley. I don’t know if they’re all the same, but the books act like case files, with all the scraps of evidence and bits of pieces making up the document. I know Tom Weaver has a copy (rare!) but you can ask him to bring it in to have a look.