White Book (2) + Junks Economics

Following is an update of my white book spread. There is still a lot to be done – I sort of got away with the different fonts. The format stays in a 245x335mm portrait format. The TOC would be as following :

I. Diamonds > towards the construction of realities (meter / Hitchcock / Memento / Eiffel / diamond). I dont know if I should skip the Rosalind Krauss one or not… Each diamond is presented in pair with a tryptic (the ones I presented at the first jury). Therefore the white book remains close to the way I presented the images at the jury. Each time the diamond is linked to my interpretation of it and why it is linked with a tryptic.

II. Title ? This chapter will sort of take the reader to a complete different path. I will introduce the work of Onorato & Krebs and the matte painting technic. It needs to somehow introduce the idea of the disruptive element (smoke). And from there move on to the idea of the cracks and later junks

III. Presentation of the installations of the second jury (Maintenance team, this is a project, please dont throw it out). > different paper (perhaps photo paper).

IV. Junk economics (which might be the title of the project). [the project from now on]. I definitely want to give a documentary aspect to it – it needs to report the current situation in term of the cycle of domestic wastes. I want to dig into the relevance and necessity of proposing an other end to the current cycle of consumption (so that it becomes a cycle of conception). I am realising that this cycle of consumption is happening in parallel of architecture / the city without never (or hardly) interacting with it. We buy things – consume them at home/work and wastes are created out of the part we dont consume (leftovers, packages, over-dated items, broken things, old pieces,…) and then we throw them out (literally on the streets in london) [Morwell street is that part of the city]. Wastes are just passing through buildings.


As advice by Eddy and Clive, I am trying to write down everything so that i can keep thread of how things need to move forward. I am also thinking about the good place where I can start to collect and record wastes. For the next jury I might work on wastes produced at the AA or my own (or maybe dip9 wastes). I will need to have a collection by the end of next week to produce something out of it for the jury. It might be a collection from one or 2 days.

I hope i can make at least one visit in a waste treatment plant by the end of next week. I dont have any news from the person I was talking to the last few days…

I have read a lot about waste treatment and recycling in the last 2 days. All the newspaper article on that matter are often linked with the idea of energy. It seems like there might be something to dig in that direction…

To be continued


+ photo of the Gavin Turk exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery right now [on the 1st floor part of the exhibition there are some rubbish spread out in the rooms – you are even told to be careful where you walk not to damage them]. + there is a concrete path with a crack in it.






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