What to model next

Which images should I model next in paper? The criteria: clear geometry and/or recognizable space. No people. Options below, but please suggest your own. I need a total of 3-6 images that will look good as paper models!

Thank you!!


Detail from Notre Dame du Haut77284860




Bedford square (looking more to the right)18th-century-buildings

Baraggan 90c494ad56262af439fd3a095a1bb017

The Economist Buildingeconomist_building_londonsmall

The White Cube (interior)paul-riddle-photographer-white-cube-gallery-bermondsey-london-1

Taj Mahaltaj-mahal

The Tatetatemodernbuilding_0

The White Cube (exterior)white-cube-masons-yard-by-stephen-white1536p

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7 Responses to What to model next

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    I quite like the first one, Notre Dame du Haut. It can be easily made and render pretty good !
    Otherwise a suggestion for you that seems to meet your criteria – “Fagnano Olona Elementary School” by Aldo Rossi : https://cameronmcewan.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/rossi-a-1972-76-fagnano-elementary-school-photograph-mcewan-c-2011.jpg

  2. Etienne Gilly says:

    I like Notre Dame du Haut as well. I do agree with Maxime on this ! I think Bedford square is quite a good one, but more in a ‘political’ sens, being easily indentify by the jury as the everyday banal experience of the city. Im currently building the model of EUR, roma, it might be a nice one for you as well, very regular shape and easy to identify… and it has a plinth, which is cool.

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    If you are doing Taj Mahal, image should be corrected vertically. You’re using one that isn’t perfectly aligned. this one is better:

    also a nervi interior would be great.

    pantheon could be spectacular:

    Inside Eisenman’s House VI – this would be a great one to speak about divide between object & inhabitation & the constructed image

    Barcelona pavilion

    2001 a space odyssey
    or this one:

    doctor’s waiting room
    (in google i actually typed doctor’s waiting room BLEAK and that’s what came up)

    inside london underground

    inside BA 747


    The obvious question would be – what are your diamonds? would there be some in that list that you could model?

    • Assaf Kimmel says:

      awesome thank you! LOVE these, especially Eisenman, the doctor’s office and space odyssey. My diamonds don’t really suit for this purpose I think – other than demand and Alberti’s grid, there is sleight of hand, Shakespeare’s Midnight Summer Dream, Dorian Gray and lastly labyrinth, for which maybe I could maybe find a related image.

      Anyway, I started with Baraggan’s towers, an interior of the white cube gallery, and Rossi’s Fagnano Olona Elementary School. Getting the paper factory going!