What to bring forward from the Re-con

To investigate the Ruin Theme Park further in terms of:
  1. scripted space
  2. collapsing ruins to form a third dimension
  3. find out the relationship between the theme park and its context
  4. human prison
  5. hierarchy of the ruins / views
Name of the Theme Park: RuinTopia
Composing a utopia with ruins, the RuinTopia is the ultimate fantasy of ruins, collapsing ruins of various types, styles and periods. This utopia can only exist within the theme park, a totally scripted and controlled space where not only the route you take, the view you see are contrived. RuinTopia also dictate the emotion that is evoked of its visitors.
So far in the Re-con, the Ruin Theme Park had been behaving more as a garden rather then a Theme Park. To dive in further into the Theme Park idea, I’d like to introduce the rides of the Theme Park.
As each ruin region evokes a different emotion from their viewers, the rides would aim to force this various types of emotion from the visitors:
Ancient Ruins: imagination of a glorified pass – hope
Human Disaster: fear of the future – fear
Natural Disaster: insignificant – powerless
Modern Ruins: disappointment of the society – disappointed
Industrial Ruins: nostalgic
Follies: Pleasure
Within RuinTopia, every step and movement of the eyes are orchestrated, while outside the Theme Park, there is total lost of control. The visitors of RuinTopia are those who got lost in the disorder world, frighten and overwhelmed by the total freedom they have, they search for a route to follow and find pleasure at the final destination of the Theme Park.
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