What happens in the quarry?

So I felt that I have not yet addresses the question of what happens with the vast space of the consumed quarry and I was hoping to try and address it by the previews. This is the first attempt at drawing it and while I feel that it is a bit banal and not yet tied into the thesis, it’s still the first attempt. I feel like whatever happens in the quarry needs to push the ideas of transformation and state change further, whereas right now it is just populating the steps of the quarry. So if anyone has any suggestions how the space could be approached please comment.

1to500 plan [Converted]-01

P.S. The idea so far are:

  • Viewing platform (furthering the illusion, setting up viewpoints)
  • Landform to builtform (Pushing that further, like in Zaha’s case they become intertwined. The builtform being the transformation of the context in order to situate the factory)
  • Spaces that produce energy for the factory


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