These grains leave an ‘imprint’ into my newly formed world. The world is formed in my head by the research and gathering and filtering of information. Similarly my physical world is created by the ‘effects’ of my physical grains being sampled in and out of the sampler with the combination of the structured sound.
Some grains are sampled from different angles reflecting the theme I pick. For example Urbino allows me to go from a very flat sampling space into a completely volumetric space. The sampler no longer becomes the drawing you look at from the top, but perhaps is readable from multiple angles. The samples collapse into my world leaving me with a potentially completely distorted scale, form, space, use. Just like the starting point of the grains research and the distorted way that the audio sampler goes about filtering sounds, the physical sample is a completely subjective formation of my world.
Important to look at both extreme scales for all my ideas. How they change/ are affected by my audio ‘effect.’
I have made an attempt to model the world through the use of the sampler.
The grain is no longer necessary at the end as they have created the spring board from which I continue with my project. As a sampling device it is vital to note the different ways I sample sounds and translate that into my physical sampler. This does not need to be too literal, but themes are useful for explanation.
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2 Responses to Volumes

  1. mmmmm… so all these models are going inside the machine right?

  2. Natasha Rieffel says:

    Yes, they become the ‘layers’ for the sampler.