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From a great variety of projects I found interesting the Tsunami Memorial site which also is a bit relevant to my project. The frame creates a constant conversation between a binary condition. It almost tries to frieze and highlight the conversation between man and nature.

“By inserting a perfect square into the site – trapped in between the condition of sea and land – we propose a reflection on the dialectics of man and nature. We provide a frame of special experience around (and in) a constantly changing piece of nature. Situating the platonic form in between low and high sea level, the square can become an extension of land towards the sea, or can be ´taken´ by the sea and almost disappear. A reflection about space, about nature, about us.”




Villa in Ordos

“Exquis corp” within an “Exquis corp”(?!)

Discontinuity within discontinuity builds continuity within continuity……

I would like to question how did you come up with the idea of a fragmented building? Do you think by reflecting the brief itself creates a nice blend of the project within the already “discontinues” Ordos city?In my opinion the design opens up and allows for constant conversation with the neighbouring villas….was that on purpose while designing it?or were you thinking only about your own continuity within your site?




–> Might be interesting for Natasha’s project.

House of Music, Budapest





From the projects such as the Octagon, the AR58,Crusoe House Siglo XXI and the Tlacolula 11H system.( block social) It seams to me that you are often inspired by modular systems where you trying to explore the endless possibilities of the system.  Is there something specific about the performance of the modular or the aesthetic composition that you interested in?



AR 58


Block social


Villa ordos


What is the one thing you learned and you didn’t know before as an architect from your participation in the Ordos project?









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