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Thoughts and Question for Bilbao: from her projects I was most interested in the prototype she build for the Chicago Architecture Biennial and the Ajijic House because in both projects she tries to make the most out of a very small budget and especially with the prototype she is interested in what is needed in Mexico. Given there is a shortage of 9 million houses in Mexico what is your vision on this Project? (So far I think around 30 were built).


Chicago Architecture Biennial

Bilbao has designed a low-cost house that can be adapted to suit varying numbers of residents, and can be expanded as a family grows.

“Bilbao said there weren’t enough architects developing this kind of project in Mexico:

“The problem is there’s very little people thinking of developing these things,” said the architects”It’s really a model that is very needed. It is very urgent that these people get spaces with a little bit more quality.”



Mexico-House_Tatiana-Bilbao_Chicago-Architecture-Biennial_dezeen_1568_0 Mexico-House_Tatiana-Bilbao_Chicago-Architecture-Biennial_dezeen_936_0

Ajijic House smart and pretty .

Despite the small budget, the client asked Bilbao to design a house of ambitious scale that combines open family areas with more private spaces, and makes the most of views towards the lake and surrounding hills.

We designed the building in response to the material’s structural properties,” Bilbao told Dezeen. “In this way, we could meet the budget because we didn’t need to add an extra structure, an extra finish or extra insulation.”

CASA_AJIJIC_by_Tatiana_Bilbao_dezeen_784_0 CASA_AJIJIC_by_Tatiana_Bilbao_dezeen_468_3









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