Visceral wonders

The next itteration of the Wonderbox will incorporate the human body in it to interact with the interior/stage of the box. Visual trickery will further play on the idea of making things seem different from what they actually are.

Techniques that will be incorporated are forced perspectiveaperture/lenses and Pepper’s ghost hologram technique.  

The wonderbox function as a stage, a theater with illusions to trick perception.

The themes of

  • - aperture/framing
  • proximity (physical as well as mental)
  • illusion

incorporated in the apparatus are a critique on ‘theater stages’ in society. Where you might find these veils of illusion and performance are illustrated below.

(several images are made per theme so I can choose later which ones work best)


c-_users_fabie_documents_aa_diploma-9_research-week-4_photoshop_looking-at-a-face looking-at-a-face-2 looking-at-a-face-3 looking-at-a-face-4 looking-at-computer looking-out-window-2 looking-out-window-3

living-room-stage looking-out-window

Pepper’s ghost

An old theater technique to make an ‘apparition’ of an object appear, precursor of the hologram as it were.

Below there’s a video of a Coachella performance of Tupac and Snoop Dogg using Pepper’s ghosts illusion. This performance was done three years after Tupac’s death. (skip to 2.30 to a live and a dead man interact)


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