Helicopter View

Here is a collage I have started that gives a view of The Ring. Unfinished and conceptual, but helping me develop ideas, so…

Idea is that helicopter searchlights provide the stage lighting. Citizens are aware that a match is about to take place as helicopters take to the sky with their lights guiding them to the stadium…Some questions I am asking myself:

– The strata of people represent the entire city. How are they divided; how do they enter? How are they notified of the match

– What happens to the ring when it is not in use (and there is no confrontation in the city – a brief utopia) – maybe fills with water and becomes a lake? lies abandoned filled with old posters etc. that act as a reminder of what has helped make the city?

– how does the edge of the city meet the ring? – We see the confrontation between Municipality of Realm of Manipulated Reality and Ring of Confrontation (at the moment I am thinking of basing my TS on this confrontation)

– could the ring perhaps extend into the city using temporary scaffold? People realise when a fight is starting as scaffold starts to be erected?

– when there is a fight the whole city outside the ring becomes dead. Reverse is true when there isn’t a fight.

So I am thinking for Tuesday I could make a series of these views that explore different characters in the city (caretakers view; street-vendor view; referee view etc.). Or work on a massive plan (helicopter view?), possibly divided into 4 quarters – (when the stadium is full; stadium filling up; stadium empty; stadium emptying)…hmmm


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