View and/or new drawing (?)

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As well as working on presentation and view above, I’m considering working on either a new drawing to go with the conclusion or another view.

I conclude the presentation with:

The studio is reduced to the surface – the wall, the table, the screen – onto which the unbuilt is constructed. 

This surface is the repository of the projections of the precedent and the new.  The paper is like the white seamless emptiness of the silca desert. This seeming blankness is in fact composed from the very matter of the precedent. Just as brave new architecture and more relevant histories rise from the waste of the city,  the enormity of the unbuilt floats on the sheet of paper. 

I’m thinking of adding a new drawing that works with this idea – an unfolded paper version of the architect’s studio from the model, which can be folded into a built room. What I see behind the door when the drawing is lying flat becomes a screen in the folded room. The drawing / model plays with the idea of the studio being reduced to the piece of paper, as well as the paper being the place where the precedent and the fiction collapse and make possible the construction of the new.

I think that this drawing could be very interesting but am afraid that I won’t really have time to develop it and it might seem half hearted – maybe I should do one more view/film still instead and leave the folded drawing for after jury?

So the question is out there – new folded drawing or new view (showing the cycle of movement of silica fragments which results in a white, sheet like desert)?

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