Video in process

1. Video in process…

2. Really not sure what kind of mood the video will be? any directions? Right now i am working with this sort of sound but perhaps its a bit too aggressive in comparison to the shots? This sound should be with the start of the sampler wheel, the idea is that as each video/ fragment is revealed the sound gets increasingly bombarded. Perhaps the video speeds up as the models keep turning and we journey through the sampled landscape. Starting slow with the collage and ending with an ‘overload of sound and objects.’

sound test

3. Working on the voice for the intro text:

Today’s architectural project lies embedded within a landscape of sampling. Our work, ideas, forms and conversations are created from the constant aggregation of references. Wether we actively search for the ‘right’ project to inform our own, or passively relate one idea to a another, we are constantly piling the samples onto our working desk. The ‘new’ becomes a mere distortion or manipulation of a past, present or future project, it sits within the continuum of the sampling process. Referencing and sampling become the instrument for production. 

A collage within a collage, the architect extracts fragments, leaving them with an infinite number of meanings, readings and context. Their insertion onto one’s own personal desk space become a subjective re-appropriation of their utility and the way they will inform the architect’s own ideas. The architect does not sit alone at the desk, but surrounded by a world of samples, a bombardment of references, a landscape to navigate.

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  1. I think I missed few steps but I really like the sound to start with! Keep going!