Video Final Version

The main corrections are:

1. Contour lines are now corrected in the eye level to plan quarry part

2. Added – a transition between the radar like plan and the section

3. Slowed down –  the glass facade sequences

4. Added – Energy sequence

5. Exported and broken down the video into 5 parts for the presentation.

Please feel welcome to comment, as I think I’m otherwise finished with the video.

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2 Responses to Video Final Version

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    2.55 when it transitions to the section i would:
    transition first to black/white section, then make the mountains appear, then the sky. At the moment, it’s also a bit glitchy and static-y when the mountains/sky appears.

    transition in and out of the energy section is abrupt. Do you pause at these moments? otherwise would fade in/out.

    Also, it’s the only section where it’s unclear what we are looking at – it’s blurry. can’t tell if we are inside the glass? otherwise, looking good!

    • Liz Tatarintseva says:

      I agree, looking at the section transition, it would make sense to separate the sky from the mountains, doing them one by one.

      There is a pause between energy and the final shot, so I don’t think it needs transition there. But yes, maybe a fade in/out could help the transition from night sky facade to energy a bit smoother.

      I will also try to pick a different camera angle for the energy part, to include some recognisable elements into the shot to make it more clear as to what exactly we’re looking at and to make it seem less blurry.