Very Loose Ideas… Perspective of Ruin? Ruin-spective?

I’ve been trying to figure out what attracts me to the project:

  • -atmospheric effect of the drawing
  • -the perspective
  • -the ideal of future ruin

Then, I was thinking about the composition of the drawing, as in what are the different elements in Gandy’s drawing:

  • the architecture

    it show the design, details… (I’m not too sure)

  • the ruin

    trigger the idea of a story behind the drawinghistory –> the remained

    gives a clear view of the interior

    joining the interior and the exterior

  • the nature / vegetation

    architecture taken over by the nature?

  • the figures (people)

    show the activitydraw the view into the drawing and see the drawing as an experience

    highlight the sense of scale – Gandy drew the figures small to exaggerate

    the grandeur of the architecture.

  • the colour

    to create an atmosphereto show the aerial perspective (changing the colour of the distant object)

So I’m thinking maybe I can start by pulling out all these elements from the drawing and arrange them in different situations as below:

I’m choosing to put them all in a circle at the moment, it give me more of a view / perspective feeling, I was also thinking how the perspective images would be forming in our eyes/heads. (honestly, I’m not even sure what I mean but I just want to pull them out as different layers, with the possibility of putting the element of time in as well, though I haven’t figured out how yet.)




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