Valise opened


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I took some shot of Valise made for experiences of receiver in my room. I didn’t exactly informed who made this box for what and neither clear grasp about each contents inside. However, I could smell, touch, read, play, move around with it. I didn’t understand this fully, yet I could sense it.


It opened with mixed scents and had some fabric maps and prohibited documents.



There was a circular mirror locked with bolt and nut. I could easily spin it and take it apart. It has few discs inside and a black board with blind slips to look through.



There was a box in a box with a clear small box. Triangular shaped device has a small peephole at the end. After I played with it for a while, I realised it is a device to look films through the light.


I could unfold fabric map and there was metal strip behind it. With folding two pages into one, I could feel the route of map by touching it’s embossing with finger tips.




I’m thinking about how to move on from ReCon box. I havent got a clear idea yet, but I have ambiguous interest about manual. I will spend some more time to make it clearer to direct tomorrow’s conversation. Goodnight.

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