Urban Palimpsest

The drawing + a quick animated version from the seminar yesterday. More TS and scene ideas to come.

Urban Palimpsest Sheet


This was the text that went with:

The meditating man in the crowd sees nothing and everything. For the last week he has undergone ritualistic isolation. To be between worlds he must not bring his own with him.

His position is carefully chosen. Sitting in the centre of the city’s busiest intersection the crowds flow around him like water around a boulder in a stream. His eyes are raised heavenward. The visions of others stream in and out of his view as he watches the city from below. Dreams and desires, manifest in urban form, fight each other for space in the scene as the crowd jostles.

Over hours, the meditating man begins to see patterns. Common aspirations and fears. He is one of the cult of the city’s eyes. He watches.

This article is also worth a read: looking at how the metadata generated from our social media behaviours may have been used to deliver personalised political marketing in the Brexit Leave and Trump campaigns. Demographics are being replaced with Psychometrics. 


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One Response to Urban Palimpsest

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    I bumped into this recently :

    I realised perhaps you should have a second look at Paprika for your transitions real/virtual.

    like these :

    Satoshi Kon was really good at it.