Urban Curation & The Museumscape

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The project explores the notion of the city as a museum, as a collage and collection of artifacts. It questions the ground as ultimate plinth as well as the building as isolated artifact. The project challenges the way we perceive as well as the way we represent.

Cities are the most complex and mysterious of human inventions. They are rich in harmony and contradiction; in accord and discord.  They are as different around the world as the societies that have created them. They are forever changing and evolving.

The city we inhabit is created by millions of independent artifacts and moments. Artifacts which are drafted, constructed, copied and then destroyed to be digested by time and reconstructed.

God made the country,” wrote William Cowper, “and man made the town.” Modern cities, Chicago among them, are humankind’s largest collections of art, architecture, and artifice. The Chicago cityscape can be thought of as a huge Rosetta stone, as a historical landscape that is, at once, a panorama and a palimpsest.

Chicago as a collective (and collected) artifact of past and present urban life.


The city as a portrait of our own faltering development.

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