I found some of the comments particualrly important from the Jury.

1. The importance of the intuitive process, and embracing this (rather than denying it). More than building the project, its about building a methodology for projection and the way to read my drawings.

2. The question of introjection, which completes the loop of projection. What we project is from the imagination/perception, but following that what we see, is related to a process of introjection, realting to our experiences. “Introjection involves drawing an object in, but not incorporating it into the body. An introjected object is drawn into the ‘inner circle’, but can still have a life of its own”. If what i have drawn is the projection, then the way we read or perceive it, is introjection. How would this be drawn? or how can this be revealed?

3. I  need to pick moments in my drawing to zoom into. Maybe photographing my model will also give me an idea of what to do? I feel the model has potential but i havent used it enough. Need to also think of a way to use it as part of my presentation (i forgot about it in the last one)

4. Is my project about the limits of the city, and a series of inversions? Its also about ambivalence, which is what the duck rabbit is about, the paradoxes and opposites.

5. Producing a layer in which things that are flawed can be perceived

6. Where does the project sit? in the contemporary or postmodern? What does it mean to draw this way, in a time when we are obsessed with 3d drawing?  Projection is a screen memory. Its not about building the city, but building of the drawing. Building a version of the drawings, that tells many half truths through many broken views.

A historical contemporary way into the city? I need to locate the project in time.


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