Updates 22.06 9pm! + Wallpaper

Hello Helloooooo

Great news!

1. The conveyor belt is coming along sooooooooooooooooooo nice! Great job guys!
2. The rubber needs to be cut. cat left it in the Unit space. Anny and Nara will do this tomorrow and start attaching it to the conveyor belt and fireplace
3. Maridia is laser cutting/scoring the signs tomorrow morning then she is free to help
4. I am printing the wallpaper into strips of A1 wight and 4200mm long
5. 3 holes need to be drilled for the tv screens
6. the factory sign need to be designed and projected and coloured in once the wallpaper is on tomorrow
7. The intro for the factory need to be sent to the company to have it as a sticker
8. Olly is doing an amazing video for the dip9 pictures and then we need to edit our videos into three sections.
9. Anouk is doing the frame for the dip9 portrait

Here wallpaper strips to be printed out tomorrow!


Please post any news/ pictures of our MARVELLOUS EXHIBITION

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